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An effective social media promotion that can help you increase your activity on major social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+


Our services will not only help you to get rid of the old propaganda model, but we will also tailor a set of the most appropriate publicity programmes for you to achieve the right symptoms, low cost and high efficiency.


More than 300 features, from invoices to employee punches, make your business more efficient. With the fully integrated Customer Management System (CRM), you get the most up-to-date customer analytics data at the touch of a button.

Web/ Application Design

User experience and interface design, including customer relationship management systems, promotion and event pages, mobile applications and content management systems (CMS), etc.

HTML 5 網頁

Website Planning │ Usability Testing │ Home Page │ Multimedia Website Design │ Image Website Design │ Shopping Website Design SEO Search Engine Optimization │ PPC Keyword Advertising │ Search Behavior Research

Video Shooting & Production

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month, and our target team can be effectively targeted through our shooting and production teams.


useful information

In 2018, the global market is still smashing social networks and digital media industry. The only media that benefit from the media are still inseparable from the two major institutions of oligopoly: Google and Facebook. The global media volume between the two is gradually narrowing. Some countries and regions are already close to the sixty-four ratio. When I came to Hong Kong, I have no real data. But if I don’t have the sponsorship of the media and KOL Facebook fan pages, I believe that the media revenue driven by Facebook has already Beyond Google.

As long as people have goals, they will move toward the goal, so the brand can apply goal-setting theory to set a consumer target for the customer, but pay attention to this goal, which is easy to achieve because it is related to the “door-entry effect”. related.

When people face the unknown, most of them will avoid it, but in marketing psychology, the amount of uncertainty (uncertainty) can help the customer’s curiosity. Even for ordinary products, marketers can only create mystery. Surprise customers.

To take, you must first give, based on reciprocity (reciprocity), a social habit that benefits and rewards. Marketers can treat customers with courtesy and trust, so that customers can be tempted by your brand.

Customers are easy to spend a lot of time when shopping. At this time, marketers should know how to use priming to guide customers to choose their products, and help brands break through.

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